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Winegrowers to Wine & Fun // wine tasting room

Behind the name Iuris winery is a man named Domagoj Klasiček. An interesting personality in every way and
therefore an interesting winemaker. Winemaker / enologist who understood the boundaries and delights of the viticulture
and wine industry as a starting point, a challenge, a curiosity to move on. To step into the unknown sometimes.
To constantly re-examine the tradition, interpreting it in its original, seductive and present-day manner.
The philosophy of the winery itself is to offer quality wines to all those who appreciate the quality, but also the price
that is consistent with it. Their desire is to offer wine to the market that they will be happy to drink at all times of life.

On Friday, we will have the opportunity to taste their hugely popular Sauvignon Blanc Saltwater (2018), Rosalia Fresh
(2017), Plavac mali Jenaro (2015), Live Love Black Cuvee (2017) and Live Love White Cuvee (2017).

We can not wait!