Iuris Winery became a well recognised private producer on the Croatian market, under a man named Domagoj Klasiček– chief enologist and his partners.

The history of the Iuris goes back to 1970’s, when Domagoj’s father purchased first hectars of vineyards in Erdut wine hills on Croatian Danube. Not willing to continue low education like the rest of his family, (they established the name Iuris), he gets more and more interested in vineyard planting and wine making.

Today, Winery Iuris is producing several lines of wine, dedicated to different types of audiences, all very balanced and with clear vision of what it’s trying to accomplish with each wine. The philosophy of the winery is to offer top quality for suitable price.

The Saltwater series, named after the underground lake beneath Erdut (mystery of a salty underground lake) , Cabernet Sauvignon Saltwater and Sauvignon Blanc Saltwater are made in a style that resembles the New World wines more than a traditional European – style wines. The aim is to get to younger consumers who want to taste something different. Fruits, accentuated mineral notes and richness of aromas are the fundamental characteristics of wines from the Saltwater series.

Jenaro is the name of two Iuris Plavac Mali  wines, Plavac mali Jenaro and Plavac mali Jenaro vala, both wonderfully varietal but milder than what we’re used to. Plavac is fruity and almost has no tannins thereby completely contrasting the classical Dalmatian Plavac with conspicuous alcohols and rough tannins. The wine is from the Island of Brač and it represents our little Danube region ‘overseas’ acquisition.

Tempera is a result of pairing the highest quality grapes of four varieties of sunny Dalmatia: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Vranac and Plavac Mali, a rich and harmonious wine that is a real Premium Cuvée.

Classic lines includes varietal wines of their main varieties: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay.  Traditional wines, aimed at educating ther buyers in the basics of winemaking.

The pink wine series rosé integrates the best of white and red wines. Iuris offer two versions of it, the dry Rosalia wine and the semi-sweet Rosalia Fresh wine. Rosé’s are fresh, delicate and mineral, with exotic hints.

Now we can discuss special standars that  the winery itself has prescribed for itself  – to constantly question the tradition and interpret it in own original, secutive and contemporarily popular way.

If you would like to try genuine Croatian wines – Iuris winery has the authentic offer of wines from indigenous grape varieties but also from international varieties with touch of Croatian soil.

Iuris Winery is exceptionally well organized because the production deals exclusively with wine concern, while distribution and sales are carried out by Gastro Pantheon with its own warehouse and fleet in Zagreb, thus guaranteeing quick and efficient delivery in Croatia (within 1-3 days) , or in countries of the EU and other European countries.  If you find yourself on holiday in Croatia, order on line and we can deliver to your temporarily Croatian address ASAP.  Delivery in Zagreb area is free of charge.

For orders over 6 bottles we offer 5 % discount. For orders above kn 500 / Eur 70 – delivery in Croatia is free of charge (for deliveries to islands -price on request). Iuris winery also offers wines packed as gifts or souvenirs.